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In 2016 I will continue my journey with Cronin’s Marathons for a Cure by running all six of the Abbot World Marathon Majors. This will begin in February with the Tokyo Marathon, followed by Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and finishing with New York. I started on this journey after the loss of my mother, Diane, on December 24, 2011 from ovarian cancer. Not long after the death of my mother we lost her sister, Jodi, from breast cancer. My mother was 58 and my aunt was 50. They were both taken way to young by this terrible disease. Less than one year later I ran my first marathon in Chicago in October of 2012 with the American Cancer Society. Nobody should have to suffer from this disease, and no family should deal with this type of loss. Since then I have completed eight marathons with a goal of helping others. This year I will embark on six races with an amazing group of charities. To complete these races all over the world I am working with the American Cancer Society, American Liver Foundation, Run for Kids, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, as well as the Fukushima Tsunami Relief. All funds received will be donated between these charities. They are all tax deductible. The money you send will be donated in your name, if you wish, and I will send you a receipt for tax purposes. Since I am working with all of them I thought this would be the best way to make sure it all goes to the right place. I can’t do this without all of your help. This is a journey for many that have one common goal – To give to those in need. Thank You

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